I’ve been looking for Minnetonka moccasins for some time. While motorcycling to Mohican, I came through Loudonville, on my return to Wooster. I had heard that there was a store that sold Minnetonka’s in Loudonville. Upon entering I was met by Megan who began to show me and help me pick out some moccasins.

As a small biz consultant and trusted advisor, I deal with a lot of customer service people. I found Megan friendly, engaging, helpful, and a problem solver. She gave the attention she needed and earned the sale through her assistance and product.

I suggest Creative Outlet to everyone who goes to Loudonville. I will be returning to buy my wife a pair of moccasins in the near future.

It was interesting that Megan, after selling the product said to me, “BTW, I am Megan.” She wanted me to remember her and to encourage me to contact her when in need of product. An important thing, that many sales people do not do.

Look her up, at Creative Outlet, in Loudonville.

My experience was a 5 out of 5. Yours will be as well.

Paul Donihue


I love my Native American Jewelry and I love this place… Been out West several times, but most of my pieces have come from Creative Outlet. The girls are always so friendly and make you feel, happy when you leave.

Shirley Spitler Smith

Truly Amazing Store ! My Husband & I went in June 2013 after our honeymoon we spent about an hr in there … And over $200 because happy wife happy life 😉

We bought a little bit of everything … The atmosphere was so relaxing and the staff so very knowledgeable ! Great pieces so beautiful . And everything is reasonably priced … I cant wait to go back ! Hopefully very soon

Chris Ann Kish DeFrance

If you don’t stop here at Creative Outlet when in Loudonville, Ohio. then you are missing out on a great opportunity. The Staff are the best and try to find just what you are looking for but if they don’t have it they will find it if you are patient. they are the best and have a multitude if products… The Wife Norene and I Love these Ladies…

Pete Killingbeck

I love this store! Beautiful jewelry, Native American art and so much more! Can’t wait to see what they have brought back from NM and AZ.

Jen Weidinger